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This bong is designed to make it very easy to add an extra chamber for extra filtration & smoothness. It's heavy duty bongs for sale made of super strong 4mm borosilicate glass!

The Canon comes with Silicone Caps to completely cover your bong! Keep the smell contained and easier to stash away! The Silicone Caps also make for a mess free and much more thorough cleaning experience when shaking up your bong with water.
Included is also a Quartz Bannger Attachment for Dabbing, meaning any bong you have with a 14mm stem can now be turned into a wax burner! Made from heat tolerant quartz glass, you know this add on isn't only useful, but reliable.

    Deluxe Features:

    • Silicone Caps – Plug up your bong and make cleaning easier! Shake away without fear of any water escaping. Silicone Caps also mean you can keep smells INSIDE the bong and not out. Making for an easy smell proof stashing option.
    • Quartz Banger Attachment for Dabbing
    • Silicone Shotty Holy Plug for a true American style 'Pull Cone' Bong experience!

    Key Features

    • Removable Glass Stem and Cone
    • Removable rubber base, making it easy to clean
    • Coloured silicone grommet
    • Made of Borosilicate (Pyrex) Glass
    • Waterfall Australia decal


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