What to Consider When Choosing Vape Juice

What to Consider When Choosing Vape Juice

Whether you’re an experienced vaper or testing the waters, choosing the right CBD e-juice is paramount for your vaping experience. With the number of vape juice options out there, it might seem overwhelming to work out which one is right for you.

But we can help you! In this blog, we explore the various things to consider before choosing a vape juice.

Check the Facts

Like with any type of CBD, it’s important to check the facts about the product before purchasing or consuming. With vape juice, the two key numbers to understand are the ratios of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).

The ratio of VG to PG will be listed on the vape juice bottle or packet. While it’s common to go for an even split of VG and PG, having more of one can influence your vaping experience. Having a higher amount of VG to PG improves the vapor production, while a higher amount of PG gives a stronger throat hit and carries better flavor. 

Checking for nicotine is also an important factor to consider. For those who smoke regularly, then a higher nicotine content can suit your lifestyle. But for those who prefer vaping as a recreational activity, then it may be best to avoid nicotine altogether. The amount of nicotine in vape juice doesn’t affect the vapor production. 

Crystal Clear Juice

While most vape juices come packaged in a box, there are some things you should keep an eye on when you’ve opened your package. The juice inside the bottle should be clear and transparent, which is the key sign that the liquid is fresh and hasn’t gone out of date. 

If the vape juice in the bottle is cloudy or milky, then it’s a sign that the liquid has been exposed to air for too long. This can be due to customers not screwing the lid back on after giving it a sniff or just due to poor packaging. No matter if you shop in-person or online, always make sure your vape juice is crystal clear.

If you open the bottle and find that the juice is thicker than usual for vape juice, that’s another cue to find a different juice. Similarly, if you spot any debris floating around in the juice when you first open the bottle, then you should ditch it immediately as it’s a sign of cross-contamination.

All in the Flavour 

One of the most important factors of choosing a vape juice is the flavor. There’s a diverse range of vape juice flavors to suit all tastes and palates. 

If you want to spice up your vaping experience, then you should try bright and fruity flavors. But if you want something a bit truer to the tobacco taste, then there are an abundance of indulgent tobacco or menthol flavored vape juices.

More and more vapors are starting their vaping journey with fruity or desert-inspired flavors. For some seasoned smokers who are transitioning into vaping, they might opt for the familiar aromatics of tobacco as their flavor of choice.

At the end of the day, the flavor of your vape juice comes down to what you enjoy eating or drinking!

Time for a Tasty Vape!

Armed with the know-how to choose your vape juice, you can go out into the world and invest in some tasty vape juices. If you’re still unsure about which vape juice is right for you, then you can get in touch with a cannabis specialist, like A Greener Leaf, to answer any burning questions about vape juice. 

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