What is the Best Way to Grind Your Weed?

What is the Best Way to Grind Your Weed?

Weed grinding is an art in itself, with a wide range of techniques and specially designed tools out there.

Ways to grind weed can vary from scissors and herb grinders to the specialist G3 Grinder. So, how do you decide which one is best?

Grinding Options

For a newcomer, household utensils can be an easy place to start.

Whilst these can do the job, they won’t give you a premium grind. Weed grinded with something like a grater or scissors will result in an uneven grind. An uneven grind means a worse burn rate. This in turn leads to an uneven pull. A better grind will make your stash go further and last longer.

When it’s time to start taking the hobby seriously, it’s time to purchase a specialized weed grinder. These will provide a more even grind which not only provides a better burn rate, but also saves you time and hassle. 

The material of a weed grinder also needs to be considered. A tacky plastic grinder will gradually dull, and scratch, which can lead to plastic fragments in your weed. It’s something you want to avoid. Metal is the material you want to look for, ideally food-grade stainless steel. 

The Chewy G3 Grinder

When it comes to a premium grind, you can’t do better than the Chewy G3 Grinder. If you call yourself a smoking aficionado, this tool is perfect for you. The G3 Grinder can fit a variety of cone sizes, which come included in the deluxe edition. With a range of features, the G3 Grinder is perfect for any situation. 

It’s well known that weed can be great for treating debilitating conditions such as chronic pain or arthritis. Unfortunately, grinding can often be strenuous and difficult for people with these conditions. The G3 Grinder’s single-touch operation ensures that grinding weed and filling a joint is easy. It can be operated with a single hand, and grinding can be done with a simple button press. This function is also great for keeping your hands clean and smell-free. In addition to this, the G3 Grinder includes:

  • In-built storage for up to 5 grams of weed, so you’ll always have access.
  • A rechargeable 9V lithium battery.
  • Non-stick ceramic coated parts, allowing easy disassembly for cleaning.
  • 5 food-grade stainless steel uni-directional blades for a perfect grind.

The Chewy G3 Grinder is available in the basic edition, which includes a charging cable and cleaning brush. Also up for grabs is the deluxe edition which comes packed with a storage tube, a regular-sized fitting cone and a king-sized fitting cone. 

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