Vaping vs Smoking: Which is Safer?

Vaping vs Smoking: Which is Safer?

While vaping is gaining traction and becoming more widespread, it can still be difficult to find the correct information online. Health and safety are an issue many are concerned about when it comes to vaping, so here we’ve addressed health concerns about both vaping and smoking.

It’s important to remember that vaping and smoking are both somewhat broad terms. There are many different substances that can be vaped or smoked, and many different techniques and tools to do so, not all smoking is the same and nor is all vaping. 

For instance, vaping using CBD vape oil is a very different experience from vaping using e-liquid or dry herb. Naturally, these factors will have an impact on any health risks.

The Health Risks of Smoking

A number of different substances can be smoked, varying from store-bought tobacco to other dry herbs or even tea. These substances can have additional additives, or be completely natural. 

Inhaling any kind of smoke is bad for your lungs and overall health. Most notably, It increases your risk of lung and mouth cancer. 

Some people may be able to smoke occasionally and not become addicted. However, many substances that are smoked, such as tobacco, contain nicotine which can be highly addictive, resulting in long-term habits that greatly increase the risk of developing health issues.

Vaping: is it Safe?

Vapes do not produce smoke, instead, they create an aerosol. Because you are not inhaling smoke as you do with a cigarette, this alone makes it a far healthier option than smoking.

Despite this, vaping can still be irritable and lead to damage of your airways and other complications. If you experience any irritation after vaping, it is a good idea to switch to another device or substance.

How to be as Safe as Possible

If you’ve decided to smoke or vape, there are still a number of things you can do to make your behavior as safe as possible.

The most important thing is to be wary of anything offered to you by someone you don’t know. Always seek to understand exactly what substance you are taking, and refuse anything you aren’t comfortable or familiar with.

Always use a vaporiser in the way it was designed to be used. Using a vaporiser with substances that it was not designed for can lead to leaks or even explosions. Do not use a vaporiser that has been modified by an unprofessional or otherwise damaged. Modifying a vaporiser can affect its performance and make it less safe to use.

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