Introducing: The Chewy G3 Grinder

Introducing: The Chewy G3 Grinder

Grinding your weed should be a straight-forward process so you can enjoy your smoke sooner. Enter: The Chewy G3 Grinder – a new and innovative product that takes the hassle out of grinding your weed.

If you’re a smoking connoisseur or weed grinder-curious, then read on to learn about why you need to invest in one of these grinders as soon as possible.

Key Features

With the push of a single button, this grinder can give your weed a premium finish in seconds. This nifty grinder takes the labor and effort out of grinding weed, with its five blades doing the work for you. Each blade is crafted from high-quality stainless steel that is often trusted for food preparation equipment.

The Chewy G3 Grinder can store up to five grams of your favorite dry herbs, meaning you can grind an ample amount of weed for your weekend smoking session with friends.

Its single-touch operation enables you to easily master the art of using this grinder. The simplicity of one button means you can focus on grinding what you need without worrying about other buttons or attachments.

Cleaning is a Breeze

The Chewy G3 Grinder is built with non-stick parts for ease of disassembling and cleaning. Each edition of the Chewy comes with a cleaning brush, meaning it’s one less thing you need to worry about.

Cleaning the Chewy is simplicity at its finest. You merely unlock the device, pull out the blades, dust the weed off with your trusty cleaning brush and pop them back into the grinder. 

Having such a simple way to clean your grinder means you don’t have to spend hours upon hours cleaning something you use regularly. You can clean the residue off your Chewy grinder within minutes, so you can get back to smoking straight away.

Battery Life and Charging

A core feature of this revolutionary grinding tool is the battery and its longevity. Installed with a 9V lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the G3 battery can give you at least 200 bowl grinds before you need to recharge it.

Charging this handy device requires nothing but a USB-C cable, which comes included regardless of what Chewy edition you purchase. You can wait two hours until it’s fully charged before using it again. You can also use your Chewy G3 Grinder while it’s charging if you can’t wait for a hit. 

What’s the Difference Between Editions?

At $129, the Chewy G3 Grinder Basic Edition is an excellent grinding choice for smoking veterans who want a premium grind in the comfort of their own home. While the price might be daunting for some, this grinder is an excellent investment for any smoker. The Basic Edition comes with the G3 Grinder, cleaning brush and charging cable.

But, for an extra $20, you can purchase the Chewy G3 Grinder Deluxe Edition. This edition of the innovative grinder includes everything from the Basic Edition, a storage tube, and two different sized cones – regular and king.

If you don’t mind grinding your weed into a bowl and storing it in a stash jar, then the Basic Edition is the perfect choice for you. Although, if you want the add-ons for a premium grinding experience and another storage option, then opt for the Deluxe Edition.

Grind a Greener Leaf

Armed with the Chewy G3 Grinder, you are now equipped to have freshly ground weed at your own convenience. Though if you’re skeptical about using new and exciting technology, then don’t panic! You can contact us at Greener Leaf for guidance and advice for all your weed-grinding needs.

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