How Does a Bong Differ from a Pipe?

How Does a Bong Differ from a Pipe?

To a newcomer, the variety of cannabis utensils available can sometimes be overwhelming. With a huge number of different bongs, pipes, and accessories out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

Bongs, also known as water pipes, are becoming increasingly common as smoking cannabis becomes more widespread. A bong consists of a large tube that holds water, and a smaller tube with a bowl in which cannabis is packed. A great feature of bongs is the filtration, which prevents the user from inhaling any ashes and provides a smoother smoke.

Compared to a bong, a pipe is smaller and simpler. This means it is more discreet, but the smaller size means a hotter and harsher smoke. Unlike bongs, pipes lack a built-in filter, increasing your likelihood of inhaling ash.

Both bongs and pipes can be made from a variety of materials. 

Glass bongs are the most common. Glass is a smooth and easy to grip surface, whilst also being naturally resistant to germs and simple to clean.

Another option are silicone bongs, which are the most durable out there, they can even be put in the dishwasher. A silicone bong is also a great choice for traveling because of its unbreakable nature.

Types of Bongs

At A Greener Leaf we stock a huge variety of premium bong models. These include a range of different shapes and sizes. Our glass bongs come in both straight and round styles, whilst our silicone bongs come in beaker, straight and stack shapes. We also stock silicone dab rigs - a special type of bong designed specifically for dabbing cannabis oil. 

Straight style bongs are the most straightforward out there, featuring a straight or slightly curved tube. Round and beaker shaped bongs have a larger chamber which means more smoke, leading to larger hits.

Around the world, different variations of bong have become popular. An Australian-style bong features a permanent bowl and lacks a slider. Instead, it contains a hole that is covered to create suction pressure. All our bongs come with removable bowls - it makes the cleaning process all the easier. Others include a silicone shotty plug to cover for an American style 'Pull Cone' experience. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Extra Features and Attachments

Another great thing about bongs is the massive scope of extra features and attachments available. Among those on our online store are models with a built-in ash catcher, and an extra chamber for increased filtration and smoothness. 

Included with our glass range are silicone caps - to make cleaning easier and keep smells inside the bong. Many of our glass models also come with removable rubber bases which help protect the bong whilst also keeping them easy to clean. 

We also offer a banger attachment for dabbing, which comes with many of our glass models.

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