How Do You Know If a Nasal Inhaler Is for You?

How Do You Know If a Nasal Inhaler Is for You?

As cannabis becomes more popular, there is an increasing variety of techniques and methods for taking it. One of the less common methods found to take weed is through inhalation – but not the inhalation you may think of initially using a bong or cigarette.

There is some confusion about cannabis inhalers, due to most models looking the same as everyday asthma inhalers. Further confusion arises because cannabis can help with some of the symptoms of asthma, and for asthma sufferers an inhaler can be a good way to take weed. However, despite these connections to asthma, cannabis inhalers can be used by anyone.

Inhalation can be great for people that want to get the benefits of weed but hate the usual taste of smoking. It’s also quick and discreet, making it practical in situations where you can’t smoke. 

These inhalers are small tools which are either disposable or contain a disposable cartridge. You don’t need to worry about cleaning solutions, grinders, or lighters. This makes inhalers a good tool for newcomers or those light on storage space.

What is a Cannabis Inhaler?

A cannabis inhaler is any device from which you can inhale weed. This can be through your mouth or one of your nostrils.

A cannabis inhaler works by delivering cannabinoids via a mist vapor. The number of cannabinoids released is a precise amount, which makes inhalers a good option for those that want to carefully regulate the amount of cannabinoids they are taking. These cannabinoids are delivered quickly and precisely to your bloodstream. 

Because an inhaler delivers cannabinoids via vapor, it is smoke free. Not only is this great for those who have lung issues, it's also brilliant for those who are prone to getting a dry or sore throat from smoking.

What Makes a Nasal Inhaler Different?

Whereas most inhalers are drawn in through your mouth, a nasal inhaler is taken through one of your nostrils. 

A nasal inhaler contains a mixture of cannabinoids and saline solution. The inhaler’s tip is placed in your nose, and the bottle is squeezed to produce a burst of vapor. The nasal passage is very efficient at passing the blood-brain barrier. This means that you will feel the effects of a nasal inhaler even faster than you would from a mouth inhaler. Speedy delivery makes nasal inhalers a good option for those who take cannabis for pain reduction purposes. 

Nasal sprays are an emerging idea in the world of cannabis, and as more research and experimentation is done, they are certain to gain a more prominent position in the weed community.

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